The Services


$47 Ladies Haircut

$42 Blow Dry & Style

$27 Guys Haircut

$77 Celebration Style

$32 KeraTriplex Treatment

$22 Conditioning Treatment

$22 Four-Step KPak Repair

$15 Eyebrow Shaping

$7 upgrade Eyebrow Tinting

Color Accent

Corrective Installation

Volumizing Installation

Lengthening Installation

Extension services priced upon consultation ($32 consultation fee which applies to balance).

$162+ Platinum Card or Rolodex

$107+ Full Head of Dimensional Color

$94+ Color Refresh with Moisturizing Glaze

$77+ Selective Dimensional Color

$67+ Complete Color

$42+ Glaze

$27+ Color Accent

$47+ Guylites

All hair color services are priced upon consultation. These are starting prices for some of our favorites.